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Our mission, our story, our purpose.


They say life hits differently when you love yourself, and we couldn't agree more. Astrology is a tool utilized to discover and reflect upon our emotional, psychological, and physical needs. We translate your unique birth chart with the language of astrology and pair you with the most compatible matches, all while elevating confidence through self-discovery and reflection.


Our mission is simple—elevate confidence and spirituality in an age of uncertainty.

We all feel the effects of insecurity and loneliness at various points in our lives, and we'll continue to feel this way until we grow older and wiser, it’s only natural. We believe it’s how many times you get back up that makes all the difference, and believing in yourself when no one else does. We're manifesting a community where our Guests feel inspired and connected. After all, we aim to serve as a conduit to nurture collective soul care. With the stars as our guide, Oromoon does the heavy lifting, saves time, and offers faith where traditional dating apps miss.

We deserve a kinder society, a place to celebrate our authenticity in the dating world and beyond. Oromoon is here to deliver on that vision, one aligned match and motivating mantra at a time.
Moving across the country to NYC after graduation introduced me to a type of loneliness that was so palpable, you could feel as it permeated through the energetic city that never sleeps.
Dating apps were on the rise, yet people were still having difficulty connecting with each another on a deeper level. Not to mention, successfully balancing our careers and personal lives requires significant effort and time. With an over-stimulated dating scene, it dawned on me that meditation techniques and the art of mindfulness were the keys to unlocking the best relationship, beginning with ourselves.

The multicultural wisdom of Eastern Astrology techniques captures the aforementioned ideals into a modern framework. Predestined inputs (date of birth, time of birth, location of birth) give us access to dive further into cosmic realms to explore our egos, emotions, love languages, principles, ideals, and dreams. We are guided with the resilience to proceed during challenging times.

Through personalized astrology readings and positive affirmations, I was able to connect with people in a spiritual manner and shift their narrative to that of hope and conviction. Thus the idea was born...provide digital access to an ancient social practice that strengthens our confidence and self-awareness via spiritual introspection.

The Oromoon team is excited to build a brand rooted in its vision to spread positivity and optimism, while furthering soul-intrinsic growth. Our values were created for times like these, a moment of insight and healing in the midst of collective exhaustion.
Stephanie whaley- VINITWATanakhun [FoundeR]